The conference program includes reports on different aspects of STEM education (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The forum STEMEDU-2022 is interdisciplinary, continuing and broadening the ideas set out in the previous conferences STEMEDU. In 2022, a broad-based interpretation of innovative educational technologies will be leading, with a special aspect of the forum being innovation, accessibility technologies and the application of new mathematical methods in medicine and other scientific fields.


  • STEM/STEAM education
  • pedagogy
  • educational games
  • computing
  • engineering
  • applied mathematics
  • big data
  • digital libraries
  • semantic processing
  • аccessibility technologies for people with special need

 Accompanying events:

  • Second information workshop AB2: Accessibility technologies for people with special needs (partially financed by grant KP-06-N42/4 of the Research Fund with contractors:Institute of Mathematics and Informatics and Institute of Robotics).  
  • The third workshop Cardio3: Study of the application of new mathematical methods for analyzing cardiac data. Cardio3 is funded by grant КП-06-Н22/5 of the Research Fund with contractors: Institute of Robotics, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics and Medical University – Varna. 
  • Session Innovative educational technology.  

The results of the conference after the review will be published in an online collection Science Series “Innovative STEM Education”, Book 4, 2022,  ISSN: 2683-1333. Selected papers will be published in Special Issue of journal Mathematics. Participation in the conference can be virtual as well in person.